Guide to the Best Juicing Combinations

Drinking fresh fruit juices is a great way to finish off your breakfast or lunch. In fact, they can also be a great meal replacement. Fruit juices are sweet and tasty, and it gives you no guilt of a sugary dessert. Most people love juicing because it also gives them a significant boost to your overall health. That is why in this article, we are going to provide you with a nutritionist-approved list of juicing combinations that you might not immediately think of. These unusual mixes will surely satisfy and boost your vitamin and mineral intake.

  • Starfruit and strawberries – Starfruit is a popular fruit when it comes to the nutrition arena. However, it is not always everyone’s choice for juices because of its sour taste. Still, this citrusy fruit has low-calorie count, and it is loaded with half the body’s daily vitamin C requirement per 100ml. Aside from that, it also contains B-complex vitamins, and vast amounts of minerals such as potassium, which can help lessen the effects of high sodium intake. If you pair it with strawberries, it will help to alleviate the starfruit’s tartness. Additionally, strawberries can add antioxidant and polyphenolic compounds to this drink, which in turn helps to boost your immune system.
  • Avocado and papaya – Avocado is loaded with a wide array of vitamins such as vitamins C, B, K, B5, B6, and E. Aside from that, it is also rich in potassium and oleic acid that can help lower blood pressure and help prevent cardiac stress. That is why avocados are considered to be a superfood. On the other hand, papaya helps injects a good dose of lycopene and powerful antioxidants into your juice. The carotenoids that papaya contains can help fight free radicals away, and improve your skin complexion, and heart health.
  • Bitter gourd, apple, and lemon – Mixing bitter gourd with sweet apples and tart lemons can improve the flavor of the bitter gourd and get rid of the bitterness. Aside from that, this combination is a natural weight-loss drink. Experts say that that this drink can help stimulate the liver to produce bile that helps fat digestion in the body. The insulin-like compound that is found in bitter gourds can help regulate blood sugar, which in turn helps control diabetes. While the apple is packed with soluble fiber pectin and it helps to remove toxic waste from the intestines and promote a good, detoxing clear-out.
  • Cucumber, kale, and pear – Pear contains high levels of pectin fiber, which means that it can help lower bad cholesterol levels and promote good digestive health. Aside from that, the fiber boost can help you stay fuller for a longer time. If you mix it with kale, which contains almost all essential vitamins and minerals such as sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol, then you have a miracle drink. While fresh cucumbers have silica, that can help repair connective tissues and promote clearer and bright skin.
  • Mango, cherry, and dragonfruit – The variety of vitamins and minerals that mangoes contain helps you maintain good eye health. This juice combination is perfect for drinking after a meal of grilled meats because it offers a broad spectrum of compounds such as polyphenols and mangiferin, which are ideal anti-carcinogen and antioxidants. The tartness of cherries helps activate the PPAR or peroxisome proliferator activating receptors in the body tissues, which in turn promote heart health and reduce the risk of having a stroke. While the dragonfruit help boosts the body’s immune system because it contains antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Papaya, pineapple, and lemon – These tropical fruit are a big help when it comes to having a sound digestive system. Both pineapple and papaya are packed with proteolytic enzymes. This combination is a perfect drink after you consume a meat-heavy meal because it helps you to digest proteins better. On the other hand, papaya can help relieve constipation if you’re feeling a little clogged up after your meal. This mix can increase your dose of vitamin C, bioflavonoids, and beta-carotene intake, which are all considered as the cornerstones of a healthy body.
  • Honeydew, green apple, and milk – If you want healthy teeth and bones, then this refreshingly creamy concoction, thanks to the honeydew and milk, is what you need. Melons are packed with a high level of potassium and calcium, which can help relieve hypertension. While green apples contain more fiber than a red apple. Fiber helps maintain proper digestive maintenance, lower cholesterol level, and reduce the risk of having colon cancer.
  • Soursop, coconut milk – This mouthwatering combination of coconut milk and soursop can help to clear out the digestive system. This is because soursops contain a lot of fiber, which can help with this task. It also includes acetogenins, which are packed with anti-cancer properties. On the other hand, coconut milk has lauric acid, and this is easily absorbed by the body to use it as energy. Aside from that, this mix can help enhance your physical performance, brain function, and helps you in your weight loss journey.