Benefits of Sour Plum Juice

A sour plum is a crinkled, wrinkly, and unassuming fruit that is surprisingly packed with a lot of fiber and is considered as a producer of vitamins and minerals such as retinol, iron, and as well as potassium. According to studies, prunes contain beta-carotene, and it is also rich in vitamin K. Each average-sized plum can give you about 0.7 g of fiber and 23 kcal of tissue. If you add at least 28 grams of prunes to your juice or smoothies, you can expect that you will be boosting your fiber and antioxidant intake. Experts say that one cup of plums can give you at least 87% of the body’s recommended daily intake of vitamin K, 8% of calcium, more than 20% of most B vitamins, and 27% of potassium. In this article, we are going to know more about the health benefits of adding sour plum juice to your diet.

Helps to improve vision – Sour plum is rich in vitamin A which is an essential vitamin that helps us achieve a healthy vision. A piece of sour plum can give the body’s daily recommended dose of vitamin A. People who lack vitamin A in their bodies are prone to having dry eyes, night blindness, cataracts, and even macular degeneration.

Packed with antioxidants – Some say that blueberries are rich in antioxidants, but did you know that sour plums contain an even higher dose of antioxidants. Research showed that sour plums ranked as the number one food in terms of having a high antioxidant capacity. Sour plums also contain manganese, plant phenolics, and iron, which all function as antioxidants and help protect our cell membranes from free radical damage.

Give you good heart health – Sour plums are high in potassium, which is a mineral that is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the heart​. Having a sufficient potassium intake every day can help lower blood pressure, which in turn can reduce the risk of having problems such as heart disease, heart attack, dizziness, and stroke. Which is why you should not overlook the benefits of sour plums.

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Helps relieve constipation  – Sour plums, as well as prunes, are known to be a digestive remedy for years. And according to studies, sour plums and prunes are better laxatives compared to psyllium. Sour plums and prunes help the body to digest food properly, have a regular bowel movement, and relieve constipation. This is because a piece of sour plum or prune contains about 3% of the body’s recommended daily intake of fiber. Aside from that, it also contains a natural sugar called sorbitol, which also functions as a laxative because it helps pull moisture into the body’s digestive tract, which in turn trigger bowel movements. Just keep in mind that you should not eat too many prunes or sour plums, because it can also cause gastrointestinal distress due to excessive fiber and sorbitol content.

Helps to protect against osteoporosis – Even a single serving of sour plum can help fulfill the body’s daily requirement for potassium and boron that both supports bone health. According to research, prunes might be able to reverse osteoporosis, especially in postmenopausal women. According to the study, postmenopausal women who were asked to consume 100 grams of dried plums every day showed improvement in their bone formation markers in just three months. This is compared to a control group who were asked to consume at least 75 grams of dried apples every day. Aside from this, sour plums also contain anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is highly recommended that people have arthritis.

Help promote healthy hair – Being iron deficient can cause dryness and discoloration of hair as well as hair loss. Eating or consuming sour plum can be a great source of iron, which in term helps contribute to the overall health of your hair and give countless benefits to it. Sour plums are a perfect source of vitamin B and C, which are known to be great helpers when it comes to hair growth. Aside from that, these nutrients can help strengthen your hair from roots to tips, which can prevent breakage and damage.

Helps you achieve clear skin – The vitamins and minerals that can be found in sour plums are helpful when it comes to maintaining healthy and clear skin. This fruit also helps to slow down the body’s aging process, which in turn delays the development of wrinkles.