Kale Juice and its Benefits

Being health conscious has become a trend among the current generation of people. Maybe that’s why juices have been a significant part of everyday diets. Aside from the typical fruit juices, making and consuming vegetable juices also has effective results in the body. That’s where green colored juices where kale as the main ingredient comes in. Studies show that drinking a glass of Kale juice is packed with nutrition that can be treated as a meal supplement. That’s why we are going to find out all about this amazing vegetable and its benefits in our body.

What is Kale?

Kale has been around since before the middle ages, and it is a popular vegetable in Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America. it is a green, leafy vegetable that has been gaining popularity because it is packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Over the last few years, kale has made its way from being a décor in bowls of salad to being the star of salad bar offerings. Today, the majority of the kale that is grown in the United States comes from Georgia, Texas, and California.

What are the Types of Kale?

Kale comes in different colors such as purple, pink, deep green, and white. Just like romaine lettuce, kale grows in long stalks. The most common types of kale are purple, curly, and Lacinato kale.

  • Curly Kale – This type of kale has dark and thick ruffled leaves with a sturdy and earthy green color that tends to have a bitter taste when eaten raw.
  • Dinosaur or Lacinato – This type of kale has been a staple ingredient in the Italian cuisine for centuries. Lacinato kale has long and dimpled blue-green leaves with a more delicate and less bitter taste compared to curly kale.
  • Purple or Redbor Kale – You can quickly recognize this type of kale thanks to its deep purple colored stems and vibrant, lacy leaves. It tastes a little bit like cabbage when eaten raw, and it develops a softer and sweeter flavor when cooked.

Is Juicing Kale Good for You?

Juicing kale gives you a drink that is power-packed with nutrition. It contains high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins K, C, and A. Consuming kale juice daily can help replace multi-vitamins supplements. Kale juice also contains about 80mg of calcium which means it can help strengthen your hair, nails, and bones. Plus, kale juice also helps to boost your immunity which means that it can take your health to a whole new level.

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How Much Kale Should You Consume in a Day?

Even juicing kale can benefit you greatly, you cannot consume too much of it. The only recommended intake of kale juice is no more than one glass or 8 ounces a day. Because kale contains high amounts of potassium, vitamin K, and calcium which can be bad for your thyroid glands, kidneys, and heart if overconsumed. 

What are the Benefits of Kale Juice?

  • Kale Juice can make your bones healthy and active – As we mentioned, kale is packed with calcium and vitamin k, which helps keep the bones healthy and away from fractures. 
  • Kale juice can help improve heart health – Kale juice can help improve your overall cardiovascular health by reducing bad cholesterol levels. 
  • Kale juice can help improve eye health – Kale juice is packed with several essential compounds such as zeaxanthin and lutein, which is important for your eye health. Kale juice reduces your risk of ultra-violet damage and helps improve your eyesight. Plus, research shows that kale also helps reduce the chances of cataracts. 
  • Kale juice helps improve immunity – Kale contains 3.5 times more vitamin C compared to other citrus fruits which makes it the perfect and effective immune booster.
  • Kale Juice can help reduce wrinkles – The huge antioxidant amounts that can be found in kale is proven to keep the skin firm, youthful, and elastic. This means that kale helps in keeping away fine lines and wrinkles for an extended period of time. The antioxidants that can be found in kale helps slow down the process of aging and flush out free radicals from the body. 
  • Kale juice can help detoxify your body – Kale also contains high amounts of fiber which can cleanse your colon and help in smooth bowel movements. Kale also helps in removing toxins out of your body and keep your body clean from inside.
  • Kale can reduce risk of Urinary Tract Infections – Kale’s excessive amounts of vitamin C helps in fighting the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. Kale juice’s water content can also help remove the toxins out. 
  • Kale juice can help improve hair growth – Consuming kale can help enhance the body’s blood circulation to the scalp; that’s why it results in increased hair growth. 
  • Kale juice can help improve overall skin health – The vitamin A content of kale acts as an essential nutrient for the skin’s health. A glass of kale juice a day can help protect you from several skin diseases. There are other things you can do to give your body the nutrients it needs. Check out Balance of Nature for a whole food supplement to get an extra boost of nutrition.