Benefits of Taking Fresh Juice in the Morning

Most of us end up taking strong medicines if we get sick or have any associated health concerns. With a little bit of effort on yourself through some beneficial health habits, you can avoid all such medicines and live an uninterrupted healthy life.

What could be better than starting off your day with fresh juice? Healthcare experts have said that there are numerous benefits if you take fresh juice in the morning. It also saves you from a lot of medical problems.

Why Drink Juice on an Empty Stomach?

Many people have the question as to why drinking juice on an empty stomach is way better than drinking juice when you are full. The most plausible explanation is that if the stomach is empty, the absorption of various nutrients and vitamins from the juice is going to be the most effective. Not only will the speed increase but the vitamins will process in a faster manner to provide energy and freshness you might be lacking.

With the juice directly entering an empty stomach, it gets processed through the intestine in only 15 minutes. As a result, there is no fermentation effect which is common when you drink any juice near the end of your meals or even during the meals. The fermentation effect occurs when the liquid and food stay in your stomach rather than directly going to the intestine which leads to the production of ethanol and ultimately some gastrointestinal problems as well.

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You can even confirm this by experimenting at home. Drink an ample amount of juice or water prior to a meal. You can take a few sips during the meal as well. Once you are finished, you will not feel heavy or have any stomachache.

Repeat the procedure in another meal but this time take a moderate amount of water or juice during the meal while towards the end of it, drink more of it. Not only will you feel heavy but there might be excessive gas and potentially a stomachache as well. This will prove to you that taking juice before eating any meal is quite beneficial.

You can make a juice out of almost every fruit and vegetable.

What are the Benefits of Taking Fresh Juice in the Morning?

Other than the simple experiment mentioned above, there are several other benefits of taking fresh juice in the morning.

Skin Improvement

Women who tried out fresh orange or citrus juice noticed a great improvement to their skin with repairs to the damages being caused by acne and pimples. It also helped in fighting free radicals that are harmful to the skin. In addition to that, it gave them a fuller and more active look while providing antioxidant support and boosting the production of collagen.

Get rid of all the blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts by making it a habit to drink fresh fruit juice in the morning. In case you are wondering whether a quick and simple recipe would work, all you need to do is take a cup of hot water and mix the juice of one full lemon. Is it effective? Yes, it surely is because the lemon will be purifying the blood by removing metabolic waste from the body.


If you face stomach issues quite often such as constipation, the morning juice will take it away from you. Since this issue is found in both men and women quite often, experts suggest that taking a fresh morning juice will provide for you as a laxative aiding to an improved bowel action.

Carrot and Cucumber juice is a fit combination for all sorts of constipation problems, but others work well too. It will also prevent you from facing any kinds of problems with the kidneys and gallbladder. Many pregnant women face this issue and we highly recommend they follow this tip.

Lime juice also works great relieving constipation. Acid present in lime juice helps washing and cleaning the tracts.

This carrot juice looks delicious!

Allergy Cure

Many people face severe allergies such as reddish skin, excessive sneezing, itching in the eyes or the skin, red eyes, and other problems for which just one solution is enough. The allergy bug fears fresh fruit juices. Pineapple is highly recommended because it is known for treating a range of sinus infections and associated ear, nose, and throat problems as well. Other fruit juices can also help in curing allergies.

Blood Pressure Control

If you are facing any kind of blood pressure issues, taking a fresh juice the first thing in the morning will surely help you in staying normal throughout the day. Mostly, it is recommended to those who are facing a high blood pressure problem. If you don’t care for this right away, there can be problems in the arteries.

Simply make juice out of carrots and garlic which will lower the blood pressure and cholesterol levels while there will be a reduced risk of heart problems. If you try out a citrus juice, it will also lower your blood rate making it a healthy and tasty morning for you.

Detoxifying the Body

In easier terms, you can say it’s like a daily morning cleanup of the body with fresh juice as well as improving mental health. A fresh start will ensure you are off to a great day. The detoxifying effect in a juice is due to the enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and other vital nutrients that are found in almost all the juices. Besides the green vegetables, you should be making it a routine to try out newer kinds of juices such as Beets, Carrots, Lemon, Ginger, and Apple, etc.

If you have tiredness throughout the day or any kinds of headaches and irritability, the fresh juice will help you out.

Make a juice out of different green veggies and begin a refreshing day.

Weight Loss

A major benefit that many people don’t know is that there is an effective weight loss in the human body. In case you are wondering how that happens, it’s simple. Juice has a lack of solid food and consists of very minimal calories. Having a glass in the morning would mean that you will not eat a lot in your breakfast, and even if you do so, there will be much-improved digestion of the fats resulting in a weight loss for your body.

Do this experiment at home by trying out a fresh juice every day for one month straight and there is going to be a noticeable difference in your body weight.

Diabetes Control

In a chronic condition such as diabetes where there is a high blood sugar level, one should avoid taking all sorts of food or drinks that contain artificial sugars. Since the condition of Diabetes does not have any proper solution, there is always something you can do to avoid aggravating the problem.

Taking fresh juice without any sugar in the morning is going to help in diabetes control as it will maintain the natural level of sugar. If you are wondering which juice is the best one for diabetes, try out carrot with Brussel sprouts and string beans. This makes a very solid combination that aids in detoxification of the body as well as provides you with the different types of essential multivitamins fulfilling the fiber requirements of your body as well.

One aspect that must be considered is that many companies are selling “natural juices”, but they are artificially preserved and might not be fresh as well. Make sure you buy your own fresh juice that is made right in front of you or you make one at your home.

Natural Start to the Day

Starting your day with organic items is essentially going to make you a great day. It will also ensure that you have an energetic day. People who feel tired throughout the day will no longer have this feeling.

Keep in Mind!

It is not recommended that you “only” drink fresh juice in the morning and skip your breakfast. People who do this are not following a healthy life standard and should immediately refrain from doing so. Especially at the start of the day, the body requires high calories and vitamin requirements to function properly throughout the day.

Add a fresh juice to your existing breakfast rather than skipping out the breakfast and only relying on the juice. This will maximize the health benefits of a perfect breakfast combo.

Health is wealth!


People who do take fresh juice in the morning already know how healthy and active they feel throughout the day. Furthermore, the juices provide strong protection against several medical problems as mentioned above. Pick your favorite fruit today and begin this journey towards a healthy lifestyle! It is not necessary to only use the fruits or veggies which we mentioned above but we do recommend trying out different types of combinations.

If you are all set and ready to begin this routine, you should look for a juicer that is known to work. Fortunately, we have done this job for you and reviewed the best ones on this page – Top-Rated Juice Extractor Machines.

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