The History of Juicing and Juicers

Juicing has been very popular recently because a lot of people believe in the wonderful health benefits it can give. If you want to save time and make your juicing easy, make sure to use the best pomegranate juicer. But where and when did juicing begin?

According to the Dead Sea Scrolls (150 B.C. to 70 A.D.), the mashing of pomegranate and figs resulted in “profound strength and subtle form.”  It mentions the vegetarian diets of the Jewish Essene tribe. It is believed to be the first documented case of people juicing fruits and vegetables for nutrition and health benefits.

Raw Vegetable Juices JuicerDuring the 1930s, juicing pioneer Dr. Norman Walker published a book called Raw Vegetable Juices and as a result, the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer (or simply the Norwalk juicer) was developed. This machine is still available on the market today. It consists of grating and cutting the produce and then pressing the pulp in linen under a hydraulic press. Promotional websites erroneously claimed that Dr. Walker lived to be 116, 118 or even 119 years old because of juicing. But the truth is that Dr. Walker lived to be 99 years old.

1954 was the year the first masticating juicer was invented, first named as the Champion Juicer. It was the best juicer at the time since it could juice almost every type of fruit and vegetable.

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During the 1970s American fitness, nutrition and exercise expert, and motivational speaker Jack Lalanne began actively tackling the power of juicing and the health benefits from non-processed, natural foods. He introduced a line of juicers called “Jack Lalanne’s Power Juice,” which inspired Lalanne to make the famous quote, “That’s the power of the juice!”

Greenpower JuicerIn 1993, the first twin gear juicer called The Greenpower Juicer was invented by a Korean man named Mr. Kim. The twin gear extraction process was based on the basic mortar and pestle concept which involves pressing the produce and getting most of the goodness of the fruits and vegetables. As a result, the live nutrients and enzymes are still intact which could have been destroyed and oxidized due to the high-speed rotating blades of the centrifugal juicer.

From 1990’s onwards, juicing and juicers have become more popular and as a result more top rated juicers have been readily available on the market.

In 2000’s up to present, several juicer reviews and articles have helped consumers in buying the ideal juicer, and experts are still doing a lot of research about juicing and its wonderful benefits. Efforts are still being made to further improve the juicers on the market.

Champion JuicerNowadays, people who want to embark on a healthy lifestyle will enjoy lots of juicer brands and configurations to choose from. It just means that we definitely have come a long way from the ancient era and the early 20th century yet still the methods of extracting juice are not so drastically different. And the first three juicers, The Norwalk, The Champion and The GreenPower Juicer are actually still available on the market.