Juicing recipes for health

8 juice recipes for health that fight bacteria and viruses

Runny nose, cough, colds or even flu: are you afraid that you will be infected or have already been infected? We have 8 juicing recipes for you that will strengthen your immune system and thus fight the bacteria and viruses. We all want to look great including using luxury cosmetics from brands such as Laura Mercier, driving a Mercedes and more. But health is the ultimate luxury.

Juice extractor recipes with classic ingredients such as lemons, ginger, spinach, cherry tomatoes, oranges, apples, carrots

Our first 3 recipes are classic in terms of ingredients and one of them is very digestible even for children.

The first juicing recipe with carrots and spinach is a combination that benefits almost every organ in your body and that strengthens your immunity. With just two other ingredients, this is a delicious and simple recipe for winter.

The second recipe is perfect for those who like it a little spicier. By combining celery with red vegetables, this juice is a great help to fight colds.

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If you prefer sweet juices, the third recipe is for you. A classic combination of orange, apple and carrots will not only taste good for you, but also for your children. As the saying goes: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”.

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1. Spinach, carrot and lemon juice

1 cup spinach
5 carrots / carrot
½ lemon
15 g ginger

Since colds occur when the body is weakened, the best way to prevent them is to give them what they need. The combination of carrots, spinach, lemon, and ginger will give your body a healthy boost of nutrients. Tip: If you have never juiced green vegetables, then spinach is perfect to start with! It is easy to juice, is packed with nutrients and iron, and has a very mild taste.

2. Cherry tomato and pepper juice

2 cups of cherry tomatoes
1 red pepper
½ chili pepper
2 celery sticks

Secondary plant substances from red fruits and vegetables not only provide you with good protection against colds, but are also effective against heart diseases and cancer (especially prostate cancer). For smokers, this juice should be an absolute must! Tip: Use cherry tomatoes. These have a higher juice content compared to larger tomatoes and are therefore preferred by us in juice recipes.

3. Orange-apple-carrot juice

4 carrots / carrots
1 apple
1 orange

This simple recipe will be a hit, especially with children. Vitamin A and C play an important role here. If you want a kick against the cold, you can juice a piece of ginger. But be careful, ginger is hot and warms the body from the inside. Especially in children, the ginger taste can quickly become “too much of a good thing”.

Juice extractor recipes with unusual ingredients: onion, garlic and potato

Onions, garlic, and potatoes aren’t really the first ingredients that come to mind when you think of juices. But these simple foods, if used properly, can act as powerful natural medicines. Understandably, you wouldn’t want to drink pure onion juice, garlic juice, or potato juice. For this reason, we have incorporated these three ingredients into juicing recipes that are really edible and that retain the healing properties.

4. Onion and apple juice

2 apples
½ small onion
1 teaspoon of honey

Onion juice is extremely powerful medicine – so it is better not to overdo it here! One teaspoon of onion juice a day is enough to strengthen your immune system. It also works very well against cough. Don’t forget to add honey after juicing!

5. Garlic, tomato and pepper juice

2 cups of cherry tomatoes
1 bell pepper
1 clove of garlic

Garlic is not only anti-bacterial, but it also works wonders against viruses. This means that garlic is one of the most effective natural remedies for colds and can even shorten their duration. Tip: If you are concerned about garlic breath, just add a little parsley to the recipe. This helps to reduce the strong smell.

6. Potato, carrot and pear juice

1 potato
4 large carrots / carrots
1 pear
1 handful of parsley

Juice from raw potatoes strengthens your immune system. However, make absolutely sure that you do not use green potatoes – even if only small areas are green. Potato juice is very effective, so you should only drink it once a week. You don’t have to peel the potato. You can simply remove the coarse dirt and rub the peel off. You could of course just drink pure potato juice, but with this juicing recipe, it will be much easier for you to drink the juice.

Juice extractor recipes with exceptional ingredients: white cabbage, horseradish, and even more onions

Are you brave enough to try juices with white cabbage, horseradish and more onions? These ingredients are by no means as bad as they may sound, provided they are juiced and drunk with other ingredients.

Horseradish or horseradish is often neglected when juicing. But it has been used against colds and coughs for generations because it contains a mild, natural antibiotic. In addition, it has expectorant properties that reduce the annoying cough.

The onion is again part of our eighth recipe. We have written about the onion and its health benefits several times. The benefits lie in the sulfur-containing ingredients and compounds that make you cry when you peel and cut the onion.

7. Onion and carrot juice

4 carrots / carrots
½ medium onion
1 apple
1 handful of parsley

We already included an onion in the 4th recipe, but the recipe is based on two apples. This recipe also softens the spiciness of the onion with the help of carrots. Fittingly, the parsley adds its own flavor, which detracts somewhat from the onion taste. Tip: As in the previous recipe with the beet and the horseradish, onion juice is powerful medicine. It is best not to use more than half an onion!

8. White cabbage, celery, and carrot juice

3 white cabbage leaves
2 celery sticks
2 carrots / carrots
1 apple
½ cucumber
1 cm ginger (whole)

Winter in cold countries makes it challenging to find fresh, regional vitamin C suppliers. White cabbage helps here! It grows even under harsh conditions and contains a surprisingly high proportion of vitamin C and vitamin K. With its antiviral and antibiotic properties, it contains a strong nutrient cocktail. Studies show that consuming herb juice three times a month reduces the risk of developing bladder cancer by 40%! Tip: white cabbage makes a squeaking sound when juicing in a slow juicer. This is completely normal and a typical sign that it is fresh.