The movie with the best ways to make money: Gambling City

Gambling City is a famous Italian movie representing the gambling and gaming traditions of the European Union’s seventies. La Citta Gioco d’azzardo came out in public in 1975 from the famous director named Sergio Martino. You must be familiar with the movie named Godfather. The godfather is a trilogy that represents the lifestyle and story of a Cecilian godfather. To date, the movie critics state the movie as a masterpiece of art. Gambling city is a godfather of Europe that shows the dark world and the bitter truth of fantasies. If you are a movie lover that watches beyond the IMDB rating and recent releases, then this movie is the best choice for you to spend the weekend. Please scroll below to know more about the movie. 

Gambling city

If you want to watch a movie, then what attracts you at first? For most people, the actors and actresses of a movie are crucial, and the reason is legit. A seasoned actor or actress will bring out the right emotions and turmoils of the characters better than an amateur artist. For example, The Pirates of the Caribbean movie has a great storyline. But, Jhonny Deep took the character of Capitan Jack Sparrow to another level. 


Gambling city has the best cast of the seventies. Luc Merenda is the lead actor in the movie; Enrico Maria Salerno, Dayle Haddon, and Corrado Panic were also parts of the movie. These people were present in the main screenplay. Music production comes from the Luchiano Mechilini. Mechilini is one of the most influential music directors of that time. The screen director and cinematography specialist were Giancarlo Fernando. Gambling City got worldwide fame because of the tremendous screenplay and cinematography direction. 


Gambling City is a usual length movie with a runtime of a hundred and one minutes. The movie came out on 23 January 1975; Medusa Dania films distributed the movie all over Italy and Europe. 

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Movie Plots

The movie surrounds the hero, who acts as a social bandit and keeps playing around and showing cunning tricks in the streets. Heroin, or the main female lead of gambling city, is a damsel in distress. The story revolves around the hero’s fights to fit in the society, make things right, and the love angle with a socially oppressed woman. The main lead of the movie starts his career as a poker novice. From here, he started to place higher bets for the stakes and scam the other players at the presidential poker house. Things were going very well, and Luca started to earn good money from it. Plots took a twist when the godfather tried to take everything on his hand, and Luca had to fight for the ownership and commissions from the owners’ heirs. 

Production and reception

About the character analysis of the movie, gambling city is nothing extraordinary, according to the movie critics. Lead actor Luca did his part well, but there was nothing very charismatic about him. The same thing goes for all the other characters in the movie. All the actors did their part well. Critics say that it is the reason for being a gambling city so famous. People found the movie relating so much with the reality that every scene became lively and trustworthy. 

Techniques in the movie are the first step of the cryptocurrency development in the newer gambling and casino games. 


The casino is most probably the worst and most famous game all over the world. Several movies like the James Bond series also includes gaming scenes. But, the gambling city took the game a notch higher.