How to Clean Your Juicer

Juicer Cleaning KitNow that you have invested a significant amount of money for the best juicer for your juicing needs, you definitely want to prolong the life span of your juicer and not put your money down the drain. What could be the best way to care for your juicer other than keeping it clean? Whether you have a centrifugal juicer or a cold pressed juicer, it is extremely important to keep it clean. Some machines offer ‘self-cleaning’ systems and are easier to clean than others; nevertheless, all juicers definitely require at least a little attention.

Omega Juicing Screen plus Cleaning Brush JuicerWhen gunk has started to accumulate on the walls of the juicer, it means that there are bits of food and juice which may start to rot, thus providing a place for bacteria to thrive. This can be a health concern. Regularly cleaning the built-up particles should be part of the routine when cleaning the juicer.

Some parts of the juicer can be difficult to clean so it is also important to have the proper cleaning equipment so cleaning your juicer will not be time-consuming and will otherwise just become a breeze. Always remember to unplug your juicer before you start cleaning.

Cleaning Tools

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  • SKG Juicer Cleaning BrushA soft cloth or a sponge
  • A tough nylon brush or a toothbrush with stiff bristles is good for cleaning the filter basket.
  • A spatula or a large plastic spoon to remove pulp and other residue.
  • A drying rack or a towel where you can set all the parts to dry them out completely.

Steps to clean the Juicer

  • Disassemble the parts of the juicer
  • Fill your sink with warm, sudsy water and place all disassembled parts of the juicer in the water. If there seems to be any gunk then you can soak the parts for a while for easier removal.
  • Get all the particles of fruit and vegetables out of the filter basket screen with the nylon brush or toothbrush.
  • Once every part has been cleaned, put them aside to dry. You can use a towel to wipe it or you can set them on a drying rack.
  • Once everything is cleaned and dry, reassemble the juicer and you’re all set for your next juicing session.

Always keep your juicer clean as it will not only prevent bacterial contamination of your juice, but it will also help your juicer last a lot longer.

You may check out some juicer reviews from consumers and experts and maybe find other tips from them on how to clean your juicer. Even the top rated juicers need at least a little care from you to make sure that it lasts for many years to come.