Knowing a variety of juices, their properties and which are healthier

There are many types of juices in the world today. Not too long ago, juices were made from mostly few fruits, mostly those that had liquid in them like orange, mango and watermelon. However, with the invention of blenders, the juice could be made out of strong fruits like a carrot. There are two major classes of fruit juices. Some have artificial sweeteners and preservatives, and those that are 100 percent natural. The fruit juices that are 100 percent natural are easily the healthiest of fruit juices. There are also detox juices as well as other juice types that some other ingredients have been added to carry out other tasks in the body. Some detox juices may be good for losing weight objectives for summer.

There are many different types of juices available, mostly classified based on the fruits that they are made from. There are also instances where two or more fruits could be combined to make fruit juice. For instance, you could have a combination of pineapple and coconut juice or several fruits blended or their juice extracted and mixed to make a type of fruit juice. You can get all kinds of juices for all tastes to know the ones you prefer and stock up on them. You might also want to just know the benefits of some particular fruit juice so that you can buy based on their benefits. Hence, some types of fruit juices and their benefits are described below.

Beet juice

If you love your liver, you should invest in Beet juice as they are great in helping to detoxify the liver. Their liver detoxifying property comes from the fact that they contain Betalain that is also responsible for the deep red-coloured pigment of the juice. All you need to take is very little quantity of Beet juice weekly to enjoy the stimulation of detoxification enzymes that will help you in flushing out negative substances from your system.

Orange juice

Orange juice is easily one of the most common types of fruit juices and for good reasons. You don’t even need any special machinery to enjoy orange juice as you could just buy the oranges, cut them open and squeeze out the juice with your hands. You would only need to sieve out the seeds and you would have a 100 percent natural orange juice. Orange juice is a very rich source of Vitamin C. This vitamin can help you build a healthy immune system. It can also help to fight off free radicals that can cause damage to your body organs. Heart disease risk and blood pressure can be significantly reduced by taking a glass containing 8 ounces of orange juice.

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Cranberry juice

This juice is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Hence, it has great anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the benefits of consuming Cranberry juice including fighting off infections of the urinary tract as well as preventing cavities and kidney stones.

Grapefruit juice

This juice is a great type you can take along to the beach. The benefits of the juice include boosting metabolism, boosting the immune system and helping to release excess retention of water in the body. You can control blood sugar and manage weight by sticking to ruby reds grapefruit juice.

Blueberry juice

There are huge amounts of antioxidants that can help in fighting disease and flavonoids in a glass of blueberry juice. Hence, the juice can help to decrease the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease as well as other disorders of mental health. It is believed that blueberry juice can help to improve cognitive ageing results as people who took blueberry juice had higher scores on their memory tests compared to those that took placebo drinks. Other benefits of blueberry juice include helping with lowering blood pressure, preventing diabetes and increasing the quantity of nitric oxide present within the body.

Pomegranate juice

This juice contains a rich quantity of antioxidants, Vitamins C and E. Hence, it can help to prevent damage from the sun and reduce wrinkles. The juice also aids the decrease of inflammation. Pomegranate contains phytochemicals that can halt aromatase growth. Aromatase has been linked to the growth of breast cancer.

Watermelon juice

This juice contains 90 percent water, which implies that consuming the juice can help you stay hydrated while taking antioxidants at the same time. The antioxidants mean the food can provide benefits that include decreased risk of high blood pressure, cancer and heart disease. You would also have lower inflammation chances and reduced soreness of the muscle if you take the juice during the workout. This is as a result of citrulline present in the fruit and its juice. The juice also contains an amino acid that is a natural booster of libido in men.