Introduction to Cold Press Juicers and Cold Press Juicing

You may have heard of the words “cold pressed juice” or probably ordered one at a restaurant, cafe or a juice bar. The term may be a bit of a trend these days especially among the health-conscious, but sometimes you may often wonder if there’s such thing as a cold press juicer.

Yes there is A cold press juicer is a small kitchen applianceYes, there is! A cold press juicer is a small kitchen appliance that makes natural juices out of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fans of this type of juicer swear by it as one of the best juicers they’ve ever used.

Oftentimes, the term “cold pressed juicer” is used interchangeably with “masticating juicer” or “slow juicer” because all of these juicers use pretty much the same method, which involves the slow grinding and pressing of the produce to extract juice.

Cold press juicers are unlike the traditional centrifugal juicers that utilize high speed, which is used to rotate the blades that grind the fruits and vegetables and extract the juice out of them. The fast-spinning blades generate additional heat and friction which, in turn, destroy the nutritional integrity of the fruits and vegetables.

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Cold press juicersCold press juicers, on the other hand, squeeze the juice out of the produce in a slow and heat-preventative manner. As a result, the juices retain much of the nutrients and the enzymes of the fruits and vegetables. Needless to say, cold press juicers are deemed one of the top rated juicers for their ability to make more nutritious juices. And this is not just a marketing gimmick! The wonders of the cold press juicer have led more people to buy the machine — never mind the price.

Adherents to the juice cleansing diet in particular definitely know what they want in a juicer. Not surprisingly, they choose a cold press juicer over other types of juicers because it squeezes the most natural and healthiest juice possible.

The popularity of the cold press juicing has come a long, long way. The health benefits and the reported healing powers of a freshly pressed juice have been proven by long-time juicing zealots and new converts time and again.

In fact even NBA superstarsIn fact, even NBA superstars have included cold press juicing as part of their nutritional and recovery plan. The San Antonio Spurs, for instance, may not be seen drinking a cold pressed juice in every game or practice. But most likely, cold press juicing is the secret behind the team’s healthy lineup: their players missed only 59 games for the entire 2015-2016 season alone. Even the players themselves have their own customized drinks specifically prepared for each of them by the Spurs staff. For instance, small forward Kawhi Leonard’s own concoction is named “Kawhi-Zilla,” which is a mixture of strawberry, lemon, watermelon and chia seeds. Power forward Lamarcus Aldridge drinks his own juice called “LaLa Leave My Juice Alone,” which consists of pineapple, strawberry and spinach, among other secret ingredients.

If you want to get the best juicersIf you want to get the best juicer for your own kitchen use, it’s best to buy the commercial cold press juicers. They are the most efficient in getting the most nutritious juice out of the produce, with nearly all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes intact. Commercial cold press juicers are also versatile as they are not only used to make natural juices, but they can also make other dishes like ice creams, sorbets, baby foods and pasta sauces. Plus, commercial cold press juicers are easy to clean.

Tired of buying commercially-made fruit and vegetable juices laden with sugars and preservatives? Now it’s time for you to make the big switch: go natural by having a cold press juicer today and see the wonderful health benefits of cold press juicing!