Benefits of Carrot Juice

Whenever we hear the word carrots, we immediately think of that lovely and bright orange color of this vegetable. Carrots are grown in almost every part of the world. Carrots contain antioxidants and vitamin A that is essential to help maintain healthy skin, hair, nails, digestive system, and as well as the teeth. Aside from that, carrots are packed with other necessary vitamins and minerals that our body needs. The best way to absorb all these vitamins and nutrients is by juicing the carrots and drinking it.

Origins of Carrots

The carrot plant was first cultivated in Afghanistan, and back then, they were yellow in color. Its color changed during the middle ages when the Dutch started to grow carrots in this way. Carrots are part of the parsnips family, and their size can range anywhere from two inches to three feet. The carrot’s roots have a crunchy surface with a sweet and minty fragrant taste. While we mostly relate carrot to the color orange, they can be found in different colors such as red, white, yellow, and even purple.

Carrot’s Healthy Benefits

  • Carrots helps improve eyesight – This is probably the most popular health benefit of carrots. Maybe sometime in your life, your parents instructed you to eat carrots for you to have clear eyesight. It is true because carrots are rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, which is essential for maintaining good eye health. However, carrots will not help in curing vision-related problems, but they sure can reduce the risk of having eyesight issues that are caused by vitamin A deficiency.
  • Carrots help promotes good heart health –In general, consuming fruit and vegetable juices can reduce heart disease. Research shows that drinking 16 oz of carrot juice every day can help suppress oxidative degradation of lipids which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is because carrot contains nitrates and polyphenols that fight high blood pressure. Carrot juices are also known to reduce harmful cholesterol levels by lowering lipid absorption and digestion.
  • Carrots help in reducing the risk of having diabetes – The fiber that can be found in carrot juice can make you feel stuffed and stop you from overeating. In this way, drinking carrot juice can help persons with diabetes and prevent weight gain.
  • Carrots help boost immunity –The high levels of plasma carotenoid concentration that can be found on carrots is known to increase the body’s immune system effectively. Thanks to these immune-boosting properties, carrot juices can also help fight infections as well.
  • Carrots helps in maintaining good skin health –The beta-carotene that carrot contains has healing properties that fight free radicals and protects the body’s skin tissues. The said compound is also known to have photoprotective features. That’s why drinking carrot juice can help you achieve clear and fair skin.
  • Carrots can help protect the liver and improve digestive health – Drinking carrot juice can help lessen the fat and bile stores in the liver. Research shows that intestinal disorders and liver disease are sometimes caused by deficiencies in the vitamins and minerals that carrot juice contains. Plus, the soluble fiber that carrot has also helped cleanse the colon and liver by encouraging smooth bowel movements. That’s why if you’re suffering from constipation, consider drinking carrot juice.
  • Carrots can help increase metabolism –Carrot juice is low in calories, but it can make you feel less hungry for an extended period of time. That’s why you can substitute sodas and other sugary drinks with carrot juice to help you lose weight faster.
  • Carrot juice can help improve brain function –Carrot juice contains enough beta-carotene that helps improve the brain’s cognitive function and reduce the risk of age-related memory problems as well as dementia. Studies show that beta-carotene strengthens the brain’s function and improve memory.

Now that you know the benefits that carrots can give, you can now try juicing carrots and consuming it every day. Take note that you should only use raw and fresh carrots to take advantage of its benefits. Canned or processed carrot juice contains a lot of sugar and has less defensive components.