How Does A Slow Juicer Work?

Many people ask how does a slow juicer work? It crushes and squeezes produce, thus getting a higher juice yield from the produce while operating at low speed.

If you are into juicing, you need to invest in a juicer that produces quality juice whenever you want it. Slow juicers are exceptional in high-quality juice extraction; that is why you should consider getting the hurom slow juicer. It works exceptionally well to ensure that your juicing needs are met.

How does a slow juicer work? It operates at a low speed to deliver nutritious juice with a high yield. What makes a slow juicer outstanding is it extracts quality juice consistently, providing tasty juice each time. If you are into taking greens, use this juicer that turns greens into delicious juice.

How does a slow juicer work?

Have you ever wondered how does a slow juicer work? Also known as a masticating juicer, a slow juicer functions at a slow speed keeping the heat at a minimum level. It entails a silent operation that leads to high juice yields. What a slow juicer does is crush and squeeze its content but at slow speed. Compared to other models, this juicer produces juice with high nutritional content.

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Let not the name slow fool you. Yes, it might be a slow juicer, but the juice it produces is highly nutritious. So, if you have been looking for a juice machine that gives you great tasting juice, go for the slow juicer. This juicer is up to the task and a game-changer when it comes to your health. One thing for sure is, it is worth investing in.

How a slow juicer function

How a slow juicer function

Slow juicers are designed for slow spinning through its twin gears or auger. What you do is place your fruits or vegetables into the juicer. The machine takes in the fruit wholly down through its tube, directing it to a sharp blade that slices it evenly.

When the machine starts spinning, the fruits pass through the gears and up being broken as the process continues. This juicer works at a low speed of 60 – 100 rpm, making it one of the slowest juicers ever.

What follows is the resulting content is deposited over a filter screen and through that gets to separate the fiber from the liquid. You can choose to have either fine juice or coarse by making the setting that enables that.

It is important to note that when using a slow juicer, the fruits are placed in the machine in full. You don’t have to slice or cut your fruits into little pieces, no. That is what makes the juice produced have high nutritional value because after it’s done processing, it will have extracted all the liquid leaving the pulp behind.

When you choose to use this juicer, remember its slow operation, which means it will take you more time during the juicing process. Therefore, you need to exercise patience, but the best part is you will get to enjoy the best juice you have ever tasted. It will be thick, full of nutrients, and the quality unmatched.

Benefits of a slow juicer

Being a slow juicer, one may wonder why you would choose it over other juicers that are extremely fast. You should know that juicing at high speed does not necessarily mean having quality juice. That being said, let us look at some of the benefits you will enjoy from having a slow juicer;

  • This juicer operates at low speed, crushing fruits and vegetables evenly to produce a thick juice. Due to the slow process, this machine can squeeze every drop of liquid from the fruits hence extracting all the nutrients.

  • The juice produced by a slow juicer can remain fresh in the fridge for 72 hours. This is possible because the slow speed minimizes exposure of the produce to heat, oxidation, and air. Through that, the enzymes are preserved, resulting in fresh and nutritious content.

  • You can do more than juicing fruits in a slow juicer. You can add vegetables, celery, and grass because this blender can chew them all, producing high content quality juice, which is exceptionally nutritious.

  • This juicer operates silently; as such, it does not cause any noise pollution. Its motor does not run at full speed, unlike other juicers that function at full speed, thus producing a lot of noise. If you are sensitive to noise, this is the juicer to use because of its silent operation.

  • Slow juicers produce better tasting juice thanks to the quality of juice made. It has been noted that slow juicing brings out tasty juice of high quantity. This juicer can also juice soft fruits and leafy greens producing the preferred consistency.

  • The more you take the juice from a slow juicer, the more you keep improving your healthy lifestyle. Like we’ve said, this juicer produces highly nutritious juice, which is precisely what your body needs. The juice made is full of vitamins which are essential for your body.

  • Slow juicers cut down the consumption of electricity. This juicer only consumes 200 Watts while other juicers consume up to 800 Watts. This is a vast difference meaning you end up saving your power consumption to a great extent.

  • You will love the grinding capabilities of a slow juicer. With it, you grind coffee, baby food, peanut butter, and many more.

Final thought

As the name suggests, a slow juicer operates in a slow manner, which to some people, it might be a setback. That means if you are in a rush, this juicer will not make you not to keep time. However, a slow juicer comes with a lot of benefits that outweigh the drawback.

You may be asking, how does a slow juicer work? We have discussed that in length, meaning you know how this machine operates. Even though this juicer takes a long time to produce juice, it is worth the wait because of the high nutritious content it produces in the long run.