The History of Hamilton Beach

When it comes to home appliances and commercial restaurant equipment, Hamilton Beach is one of the best-known and most trusted global brands. It has built its solid reputation through its long years in the business and the quality of its products. Through the decades, Hamilton Beach has stood by the quality of its products. The company has kept on improving its products with the latest technology and design to meet the needs of its consumers. 

Hamilton Beach juicers, blenders, and most of all, the Cyclone Drink Mixer, are among the most popular products. However, the company also manufactures, markets, and sells bread machines, coffeemakers, different types of countertop ovens, food processors, waffle irons, mixers, slow cookers, and even rice cookers and electric knives. It also manufactures and sells non-kitchen home appliances, such as clothes irons, fans, hairdryers, and air purifiers.

The brief history of Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach was established in 1910 by Frederic J. Osius, an inventor from Racine, Washington. The company began to design, develop, and market a line of motor-driven appliances for home use. Now, it may get you curious: why is the company named Hamilton Beach and not Osius? That’s exactly what we’re going to tell you about now.

Osius hired Louis Hamilton and Chester Beach to work for his company. Hamilton was appointed the company’s new manager and Beach a mechanic. Before getting hired by Osius, both Hamilton and Beach worked for the US Standard Electrical Works in Racine.

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Osius never cared to use his name for his own company. Instead, he named it Hamilton Beach from the two new employees he hired. Osius paid Hamilton and Beach $1000 for the right to use their own names. 

Hamilton and Beach mostly designed products that Osius had invented and patented. However, Chester Beach developed an innovative lightweight but high-speed universal motor, which the company later used in its products. Osius developed a new agitator implement for the company’s first milkshake machine and the now-iconic Cyclone Drink Mixer. 

Hamilton and Beach left the company to establish their own firm, the Wisconsin Electric Company. Osius, meanwhile, sold Hamilton Beach to Scovill Manufacturing in 1922 and moved to Millionaire’s Row in Miami Beach, Florida.

For a long time, the company operated under the name “Hamilton Beach Scovill” until sometime in the 1980s. In 1990, Hamilton Beach was later merged with Proctor Silex, another powerhouse company specializing in household appliances. This merger made the two companies the largest American manufacturer of small kitchen appliances. The company went international in 1995 has since slowly but steadily continued on its global expansion.

While Hamilton Beach’s primary target is its North American consumers (the USA, Canada, and Mexico), it has gone beyond continental borders. Brazil, India, and China are among Hamilton Beach’s newest markets for its products.

Because of companies like Hamilton Beach that brought us such appliances, kitchen work has become a lot easier, quicker, and less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

As a testament to the quality of the company’s products, you can even find the oldest known Hamilton Beach Cyclone Drink Mixer, owned by Jacob E. Bredael of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The said Cyclone Drink Mixer was the first model of its kind and is dated 1911. And what’s the most amazing of all – it still works as fine as it did over a century ago.

The Cyclone Drink Mixer is a countertop appliance that consists of a metal spindle in a metal container, remains one of Hamilton Beach’s popular appliances. In the early years since its launching, the Cyclone Drink Mixer was a familiar sight at soda fountains of drug stores across North America. Now, you can make delicious creamy shakes and soda fountains in the comfort of your home with Hamilton Beach Cyclone Drink Mixer.

If you are a fan of juicing, Hamilton Beach prides itself on its line of top-quality and versatile juicers. But to further convince you to get a Hamilton Beach juicer, check out the reasons why you should snap up one.