Introduction to Cold Press Juicers and Cold Press Juicing

Introduction to Cold Press Juicers and Cold Press Juicing

You may have heard of the words “cold pressed juice” or probably ordered one at a restaurant, cafe or a juice bar. The term may be a bit of a trend these days especially among the health-conscious, but sometimes you may often wonder if there’s such thing as a cold press juicer. … Read more

Vegetables and Fruits and Their Juicing Benefits

By reading this article we assume you already have your juicer or at least are thinking of getting a healthier lifestyle and thinking of getting what will be the best juicer. We will list some of the basic produce you can use for juicing and its health benefits. To get the most … Read more

Common Juicing Mistakes

Common Juicing Mistakes Juicer

Juicing has a lot of benefits including helping you develop a healthy body as well as having the right dose of vitamins and nutrients that may be hard to be included in your everyday diet. With the right diet and exercise you can also get the figure you’ve always wanted. There are … Read more

Juicer vs. Blender

It is well-established that increasing your fruits and vegetables intake is good for your health. The more fruits and vegetables you consume, the greater the health benefits you’ll get. A series of research findings and studies has shown that eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day can reduce … Read more

The Most Popular Juicer

The juicer is definitely a must-have kitchen apparatus for those health-conscious people or for those who want a fresh juice in the morning or any time they want it. But how about other people who are just thinking of juicing or are actually starting to do such? What are the best juicers, … Read more

The History of Juicing and Juicers

The History of Juicing and Juicers

Juicing has been very popular recently because a lot of people believe in the wonderful health benefits it can give. If you want to save time and make your juicing easy, make sure to use the best pomegranate juicer. But where and when did juicing begin? According to the Dead Sea Scrolls … Read more

How to Clean Your Juicer

How to clean your Juicer

Now that you have invested a significant amount of money for the best juicer for your juicing needs, you definitely want to prolong the life span of your juicer and not put your money down the drain. What could be the best way to care for your juicer other than keeping it … Read more