SKG Premium 2-in-1 Anti-Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer & Multifunction Food Processor – Vertical Low Speed Masticating Cold Press Slow Juicer (150W, 65 RPMs) – Electric Food Shredder & Food Slicer


Product description

Size:65 RPMs Low Speed – 150W AC Motor  |  Color:Piano Varnish in Golden Brown – Sleek Design – New Release Discount 20599

Minimal Oxidation: juice is more nutritious, tastes better and fresher, and lasts longer. 

1. High Quality 150W AC motor with low speed of 65 RPMs.
2. Sealed juicing space prevents oxidation during juicing.
3. All parts are made of anti-oxidative TRITAN food grade materials.

More Values

1. High juice yield: Orange 85-90%, Pear 78-83%, Apple 65-75%, Celery 65-70%, Carrot 42-47%.
2. Drip-free smart cap.
3. The 11 LBS juicer operates smoothly and quietly, takes up less space.


1. The choice of ingredients is important. Too hard ingredients will break the juicer. Celery and gingers should be cut thinly across the tough fibers. Too soft ingredients, e.g., bananas, Kiwi fruits, mangos are difficult to be squeezed.

raw food on a budget

2. There will be some fine pulps in the juice. It is common for masticating juicers. The pulps can be filtered out with a filter. The fine pulps (not the tough fiber pulps from the exit) are very good nutrition wise, and can be used for making cake, rice, soup, etc.

3. Feed small portions into the chute gradually rather than adding large quantities at one time.


1. If the juicing screw is clogged, please press REV (Reverse Rotation) for a few seconds to unclog.

2. The overload protection system may shut off the juicer due to motor overheating, unstable power supply, improper assembly, idle run, etc. When this happens, the juicer will be locked off for 1 hour. Please wait.

2-IN-1: Juicer + Food Processor

1. The food processor offers versatility with thin slices and small shreds.
2. The adjustable food pusher accommodates a wide variety of foods.
3. Include stainless steel slicer & shredder blades, food guide tube, adjustable food pusher, and two screwing axes.

3. Made for the U.S. market (110V-120V) only. Working power is 150W, which requires a 300W or above transformer if used in a 220V country.