Should I get a juicer? Is it worth your investment? Let’s unfold its benefits!

Isn’t your Instagram feed flooded with the “Going Healthy with Juice” trend? But in this rushing home to work to home pace, who has got the time? If I say, a simple juicer can minus your hassle and give a fresh kick to start your day!

Yes, you heard it right. When you got a juicer on your kitchen counter, you get the freedom to make the relishing juices you always wanted with the exact taste and garnish you look for. So why going out to sip your favorite juices?

My taste buds still can’t fail to recall the days when my mom used to bring me no-lump smoothies and juices. Even you must be recalling your childhood memories, right?  

I have opted for tons of fruit-veggie juices using a single gadget-juicer that I know all about juicing and juicers. I can help to end your puzzling query should I get a juicer or not. 

raw food on a budget

Let’s bring the benefits and health facts about using a juicer!

Why get yourself a juicer?

Are you still sitting around and thinking if getting yourself a juicing machine is the right move? Well, to live a healthier life free of hassles, using a juicer is a no brainer. 

Here are a few reasons to help you make your decisions on buying a useful juicer:

1. Saves prep time:

Having five a day meal? Well, getting your personal juicing machine is a quick fix to your daily work-life dilemma. All you need to pop in your favorite fruits or veggies into the juicer to have a delicious plus healthy treat. Thus, juicing gadget reduces your working load with tasty sips.

2. Gives a fiber fix:

Looking forward to putting in a handful dose of nutritional fibers to your eating habit? Well, make good use of the leftover pulp of juices. Thus, you get a fiber fix using a juicer without making wastage. Don’t know the basics of juicing? Check these helpful juicing books to learn all!

3. Boosts your regular intake of fruits and veggies:

I have seen many people hiding in the name of having fruits and veggies. Or being a picky eater, they keep the veggies aside. But a soothing solution to this is juice! Mixing fruits and veggies with some herbs ensures a high intake of healthy items with savory.

4. Stay hydrated 24/7:

Why opt for simple water to keep yourself hydrated when fruit juices can make it a lot tastier? But can’t make it to the long juice making processes? Not needed at all when you have a juicer to ease your task. Try out a variety of juice recipes and keep yourself hydrated in the office or gym.

5. A tasty detox:

Talking about making juices using a regular juicer, it is a simple way to get a variety of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, all in a glass. No worry about time or efforts; it is that easy. A homemade juice that can detoxify your whole body with no additional charge is the bonus.

6. Promotes a healthy diet with no weight gain:

Starting your day with a glass full of freshly made juice from a juicing machine is a great health tip. Within a few days, you are sure to notice the weight difference. Taking juices flushes out your body toxins naturally. Thus helps you in your “No to weight gain” campaign.

Tips for juicing in a juicer

To have the best juicing experience with your juicer, I suggest you go through the following tips:

  • I recommend adding greens, at least one like kale or spinach to bring out the most of a juicing benefit.
  • I put some watery veggies like cucumber or celery in my juicer to make it watery full of flavors.
  • You better go for the juice garnishing with lemon or herbs you like.
  • I usually add a few scoops of leftover fibers filtered my juicer to the juice to make it more filling.
  • I prefer not adding too much sugar in my juice. Rather I go for some sweet fruits or honey. 

Final say

When anyone asks me about my glowing skin, I point out to the juicer on my countertop. Trust me or not, a daily intake of juice gives your skin all the nutrition it has been looking for ages. I would say it is an anti-aging magical formula that needs only one thing, a juicer!

By now, I’m pretty sure you have got rid of the confusion and made your decision. So why wait any longer. Get yourself a juicer and start juicing to make each day full of flavors and anti-oxidants.  A juicer can give you all without any fuss in the blink of an eye!