Interview Your Divorce Lawyer – Top 10 Questions You Must Ask

Divorce can be tricky business. Not only are there emotions involved, you have to get into an area of law which you might not be familiar with, whatsoever. Even with divorces happening more often than not, the steps that are taken to ensure a fair trial are quite subjective and pertinent to the people that are the ones that are going through it. There are some basics that you need to keep in mind, which is to not lose your cool in a court of law and not to act irrationally. Apart from that, here are questions to ask a divorce lawyer.


Many lawyers out there are usually involved in a number of fields. Corporate lawyers tend to deal with family law as well. This doesn’t mean that the lawyers aren’t competent enough, rather some lawyers prefer getting specializations in many areas of the law, it is not uncommon. However, if there are higher stakes involved, remember that a lawyer that specifically specializes in family law should be the ideal choice.


Some cases can take longer while other cases in which most of the terms have been previously agreed upon will probably not take as much time. Another one of the questions to ask a divorce lawyer is regarding the right ways to act in court and how they have managed to strategize your case. The right strategy can lead to you winning the custody battle or getting the amount of money you clearly deserve.


Different lawyers have different ways of charging their clients. Most family lawyers tend to go for the traditional, per hour fee. There may be additional charges for you if you decide to consult a different lawyer from the same firm. This likely won’t be the case. There will also be a retainer fee, this pertains to the charges that are added to the original fee.

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In Case of Emergency

You have to keep in mind that lawyers will not always be available to you at your every beck and call. Being a lawyer is a busy profession and they may be handling multiple cases at the same time. However, if you are hiring a lawyer, it is completely within your rights to ask them when they would be available to answer any and all questions that you might have. People also happen to have different definitions of emergency. You may need to ask the lawyer what qualifies as an emergency for them.

The Estimate

The estimate amount is always difficult to decide. In most cases, the estimate may more or less be the same amount if the facts of the case are similar. The circumstances are usually the same in most cases. However, if you are coming to the lawyer with specialized circumstances. The chances of you being told an exact amount are slim to none.


Ask your lawyer if you will be allowed to negotiate with your own husband in the trial. The direct interaction may not seem like a good idea to a lawyer because hysterics can lower the validity of the case.

The Ruling

If you feel like knowing, you may even ask your lawyer what kind of ruling you may get on your exact case. Depending on the facts of the case, an experienced lawyer may be able to tell you what the outcome of your case may be.

Access to Your File

There are many situations for which a layman may want to access their own file. This should not be the concern of the attorney. The lawyer should lend you access to your file in whatever form you may prefer.

Confidentiality in Terms of the File

There are many confidential aspects when it comes to the actual file that even you cannot be exposed to. confidential matters concerning the court that may be bad for the case if it got out. It is imperative that you ask your lawyer about it.


References from past cases and past clients may be able to help your case considerably. Ask your lawyer if they will be considering past cases for your current case. They should want to do anything that they can to help your case.


Remember that you should find a lawyer you can trust and not let outside gossip get in the way of a solid case. You should have a good relationship with your lawyer and you should be able to ask them anything without worrying of sounding insufficient or stupid.