CBD Dog Treats – Benefits and How to Use

It’s no lie that CBD is one of the best things to happen in alternative medicine. There are different varieties available for those who use hemp products from tinctures to edibles and even cosmetics. For dog owners, CBD treats are also available to help keep their pets happy and healthy. Before you decide to use cannabis for treating yourself or your animal companion, you want to speak with a physician to decide on the treatment method. 

If you use cannabis, either marijuana or hemp, you know that it does have a mild and soothing effect on the body. Marijuana has a high THC level, which is why you feel high whenever you smoke weed. On the other hand, CBD is a lot milder and does not cause any psychoactive effect on the body. Even when you smoke hemp flower, it still does not create any high impact, which is the same when you use the oil. 

What is CBD?

CBD is an extract from the cannabis plant. The cannabidiol, which is present in both marijuana and hemp varieties of the plant, is a compound that impacts on the endocannabinoid system of the body when consumed. Another compound present in the cannabis plant is THC, which, unlike CBD, is highly psychoactive when consumed in excess. While the THC levels in marijuana could be over 30%, that of the hemp plant could be as little as 0.3%. 

The minimal THC levels in CBD is one of the reasons why it is common among cannabis users looking for safer alternatives to the green herb. Humans and animals share related mammalian characteristics, which is why many pet owners who use canna also use them on their pets. When used responsibly, it can provide relief from certain pet conditions, and you can read up them in the section below. 

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Benefits of CBD for Dogs

CBD Dog Treats - Benefits and How to Use

Whether you administer the oil or let them enjoy it as a treat, there are numerous ways dogs can benefit from the use of canna, and they include 

  • Pain and Inflammation

Like humans, dogs also suffer the occasional body ache and could use a non-psychoactive relief to ease the muscles and joints. Cannabis has shown great promise in dealing with pain and inflammation, which is why it is often used in recovering from pet injuries and surgeries. Your vet could also administer it to help older pets suffering from osteoarthritis and difficulty moving around. There are more tips here https://medium.com/alphagreen/cbd-for-animals-ultimate-guide-4399d898167d on how to use hemp for treating pain and inflammation in animals.  

  • Stress and Anxiety

Dogs are known to get angsty, especially when there is a visitor in the house or a new addition to the family. They could also experience mood swings due to changes in the weather or as a result of an ailment. The calming effect of cannabidiol could help provide relief from dog stress and anxiety. 

  • Digestive Issues

You can use cannabis in treating bowel disorders and stomach upsets in canines. You want to speak with a vet first before self-administering hemp for solving digestive issues in animals. Although there are chances of suffering from side effects, including diarrhea and constipation from CBD, it does prove useful in dealing with stomach related disorders. 

Many other pet conditions could be managed with the use of CBD oil and treat. While topical treatments require you to administer them as a dropper medication or on the skin, you can find treats in the form of gummies, bread, and cookies that your dog would certainly be interested in. 

How to Use CBD Treats for Dogs?

There is no specific way to use hemp treats for dogs other than how you do your usual canine grub. Although there is a science to using hemp products, be it oil or edibles. Pets could suffer from severe side effects when you compromise their medications, and when using hemp, you want to observe some safety precautions, and they include 

  • Use Organic CBD

Nowadays, it is common to find hemp mixes with other additives that may do more harm than good. It is best to use pure CBD oil obtained from natural sources without any additional compounds. While many are unfit for the body, you want to look out for terpenes in your CBD. These are natural compounds present with cannabis, and they help provide an extract boost to your dog treat, so you want to check for the terpene levels when looking to buy dog hemp treats. 

  • Choose Products with Low THC

The THC level of the gummy bear or cookie should be within the recommended amount of 0.3%. This assures you that your pet will not suffer from a hallucination or any psychotic experience. It could be harmful to deliberately or mistakenly feed your pet cannabis with high THC levels, so you want to keep a close watch on the product labels for mention of the THC levels. You can check this website to learn more about the difference between THC and CBD. 

  • Get the Best Flavors

You can find CBD dog treats available in different flavors, so you want to get one that your pet loves to chow. You can find them spiced with flavors of chicken, beef, sweet potato, and cheese, so finding one that your dog would love would not be a challenge. 

  • Use the Right Dosage

CBD should be treated as a med, so you want to be mindful of how much you use. The safest way is to follow a doctor’s prescription when dealing with severe pet conditions, but in minor cases, you can administer hemp treats keeping in mind the age and weight of your pet. 

Young pups will require a little dose compared to older dogs dealing with severe pain. Also, you can expect larger breeds of animals to need more than a smaller one. You can start with dosing of 0.2ml/kg weight daily for mild pain and inflammation while you can double the dosing for severe joint aches and injuries. 

Final Note

Besides being tasty nutrition for your dog, CBD treats could also help manage certain pet conditions, including stress and anxiety, and even to sleep better. You want to speak with a physician before using hemp as a regular treatment for animals.